July 4th – ONE WOD at 9AM

Posted: July 3, 2018 in Uncategorized

Hero – “Coffland”

Hang from a pull-up bar for 6 minutes
Each time you drop from the bar, perform:
800m run
30 Push-ups

U.S. Army Spc. Christopher J. Coffland, 43, of Baltimore, Maryland, died Nov. 13, 2009, in Wardak province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when enemy forces attacked his unit with an improvised explosive device. Coffland, who joined the Army a month before reaching the enlistment age limit of 42, was assigned to the 323rd Military Intelligence Battalion at Fort Meade, Maryland. He was deployed to Afghanistan two weeks prior to his death.

Coffland was a CrossFit athlete who was known to have demolished the U.S. Army Physical Fitness Test, which features push-ups, sit-ups and a 2-mile run. He was particularly fond of long workouts, heavy lifts, distance sprints, push-ups and sit-ups.

Coffland is survived by his parents, David and Toni; his sisters, Lynn, Karen and Laurie; his brother, David; and many other friends and family members.

  1. Bobby says:

    Coffland: 32:35 Rx
    Screwed up my calculations and thought I could drop at 25:50 when I actually had :10 to go. Fun workout with the tribe

  2. Mark Goff says:

    All movements rx

  3. Lauren S says:

    Happy 4th!
    40:18 – 6 hangs/ 5 runs / 5 sets push up modified

  4. The Haggs says:

    Joe 40:30 RX

    Hollie 37:20
    Combination of push ups/sit ups

  5. Kenny Mack says:

    25:45 (2:10/1:40/1:30/0:40)

  6. Brett Christensen says:

    @ Easy is Evil CrossFit
    Tommy Mac
    2 rounds
    12 burpees
    12 thrusters @ 115
    12 burpees
    12 power snatches @ 115
    12 burpees
    12 push jerks @ 115
    12 burpees
    12 hang squat cleans @ 115
    12 burpees
    12 overhead squat @ 115
    33:23, they had 60 people so we shared barbells. Good time

  7. Tanya says:

    1:49/1:21/1:30/1:20 overhand grip 1st, then mixed the rest
    15 PU/15 SU half sit-ups def made a difference on hang times

    postWOD SU to 100 total

  8. Joy says:

    2:35/1:40/1:46 (Got an extra second bc ‘Merica, Baby!) 🇺🇸
    2 runs/ pushups (strict to the best of my knowledge)

  9. Jesse G says:

    33:30 RX
    3 rounds of 800m run and pushups
    Hang times: 2:31 / 1:51 / 1:07 / :31

  10. HGM says:

    28:18 (I think)
    First round hung from bar, the other rounds on rings.
    400m run each time and pushups. Got an extra 400 at the end because I don’t listen apparently.

  11. Kimberley says:

    Total time 46:15
    Hold times 1:15/1:00/:50/1:30/1:30
    First 3 holds were on the rig with small red band. Last 2 holds were on the rings at less than 45 degree angle.
    All runs
    PU from knees

    Haley 23:30
    Holds on rings
    All runs
    Pushups from knees

  12. the DUDE says:

    29:04 Rx

  13. Kelsey says:

    Scaled PUs

  14. Shea says:

    47:15 Rx

  15. jkeel 43/5'9/180ish says:

    2:30/1:10/1:30/:55 (extra 5 sec to account for jumping up to grab the bar each time)
    24:25 rx’d

  16. Tim says:

    42:30 Rx

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