2018 August 4 WOD

Posted: August 3, 2018 in Uncategorized

4 RFT:
400 Meter Run
20 Chest to Bar Pull-ups
20 Kipping Handstand Push-ups
40 AbMat Sit-ups
40 Air Squats

  1. Mark Goff says:

    Run 400m
    20 PU
    20 HSPU
    40 sit-ups
    40 air squats

  2. The Rookie says:

    Hand release push up instead of hspu. Due to wrist still hurting.

    Another great Saturday morning workout

  3. Sam says:

    Pre-wod mountain biking

    Tried to catch Lance the entire time. Thought I had him at one point, but he took off at the end of the 4th round.

    28:39? 29:38? Rx one or the other.

  4. Doug Barnwell says:

    41:55 RX

  5. Luke S says:

    39:26 – situps always get me

  6. kim says:

    Kpu rd 1/3 \RR rd 2/4
    Kipping HSPU rd 1,3,4 \15#db Lsit rd2

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