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Jayson & Jennie Keel
101 Executive Drive
Jackson, TN  38305

  1. Hope Cunningham says:

    Hey, me and my friend were wanting to try the class Tuesday morning… Is there any way we can?

  2. Rachel Webb says:

    I’m interested in trying one of your classes. I did CrossFit for about 6 months. I’m not in that shape now, but I’m looking for a permanent CrossFit family.

  3. Ryan says:

    Would you guys be willing to offer a $30/month plan for 1 session a week? I’m training for a triathlon and would like to incorporate crossfit but can’t commit to more than one day due to having to train for the swim, bike, run. Thanks!

  4. Wanda Poore says:

    Interested in a fundamentals class and/or just trying crossfit to see if I can/will benefit me. My number is731-882-2306. Also wondering if sat. Is the only day you can drop in.

  5. chirojenn says:


    I emailed you awhile back about dropping in. I am a CrossFit owner from PA who is visiting. I am planning on coming Saturday at 9:00 if that is ok.


    Jenn Murzyn

  6. Jamaal Braday says:

    I want to reserve 2 spots in the March 7th class

  7. Klossner Jacqueline says:

    Hi there
    I’m a regular Crossfitter
    May I drop in tomorrow Morning?
    Jacqueline Klossner

  8. Jenn Biggs says:

    Hey there! I am visiting from out of town (I grew up here and all family lives here) and I was wanting to drop in some this week, July 27-31. I have been doing Crossfit for about 4 months now in Florida and want to continue while here. Do I just show up at any class time?
    Thanks for any info and look forward to getting some workouts in!
    Jenn Biggs

    • Jennie says:

      Happy to have you while you’re in town! You’re welcome at any class on the schedule. Please show up 10 or so minutes early to sign a waiver and start getting warmed up. Let us know if you have any questions while you’re in town.

  9. Chasety Replogle says:

    I am interested in joining your class in February. I understand you have to take a fundamental class before starting classes. Do I need to take the class in December or will you have another class closer to February?

  10. Brent goode says:

    My wife and I are in town for Christmas. She is level 1 and I am a marine, both regular trainers. Do you have room tomorrow 12/23 for us. Referred by Rusty Butcher. Thanks in advance.

    • Jennie says:

      You’re welcome to drop in while you’re in town. We have class at 5 & 6 AM and 5 & 6 PM tomorrow. Please come 10 minutes or so early so we can get some waivers signed and start warming up.

  11. Guy Levassar says:

    Drop in 6:00am 1/13/16..

  12. Joe Thornburg says:

    I’ll be working in Jackson a few more weeks and would like to start participating in classes early tomorrow morning. If you would like to get a hold of me by phone I can be reached at 765-546-7811.

  13. Aaron Case says:

    I have been doing crossfit for right at 4 months and am from Trenton Ga near Chattanooga Tn. I am coming to the area for a few weeks for work I work for TVA. I would like to come by and work out with you guys I left a voicemail on the phone number provided.

  14. Sue says:

    I am interested in crossfit. Never did it, heard awesome things about it. I’m not out of shape but I don’t have a daily routine. How do I get started?

  15. Hey guys. My name is Johnny Bruce , it’s been a long time since I’ve been in. I’m in yalls town for holiday and wondering if yall are having a class tomorrow that I can drop in on. Let me know, thanks

    • Jennie says:

      Hey Johnny, yes you’re welcome to drop in tomorrow. We have ROMWOD at 8, CrossFit class at 9:00 and 10:30.

  16. Hey guys my name is Johnny Bruce , it’s been a while since I’ve dropped in on yall. I’m in yalls town this weekend and wondering if yall are having a class tomorrow (Saturday) that I can drop in on?

  17. Thanks guys! See ya at 8, I love some ROMWOD

  18. Camie Sherer says:

    I am interested in doing two classes a week but would, first, like a few personal trainer sessions.

  19. Graci Helton says:

    Hey Jennie, do you think you could print
    Me something that shows I pay for membership there. My job pays for a certain amount for gym membership but they need something in writing.

  20. Lona Jackson says:

    Morning… I will be in your area visiting. Would it be ok to drop in for a class or two? I will be there Friday December 16th and Saturday 17th. Thank You Lona Jackson

    • Jennie Keel says:

      You’re welcome to drop in while you are in town. Please arrive at your first class about 10 minutes early so that you can sign a waiver and we can go over a few things to get you started.

  21. Shanice says:

    Hello, I was wondering could I +1 come and participate in a class on Saturday? I have a oquestion though: will I be okay because I haven’t really workout in a long time and I’m trying to recommit myself to improve my overall health.
    I guess I’m mainly concerned about the ability to walk the next day, because it’s been so long for since I’ve done a intense workout.
    I guess I’m kind of anxious you would say.

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