Brett Christensen

CF-L1 Trainer, August 2013

I’m a full-time student in my senior year at Union University as a Business Management Major. I’m also a member of the TN ARNG as an E-4 SPC. I have always been a fairly active person but I was never really concerned with improving my overall fitness level until I joined the military. After basic training and AIT I came back to Jackson to continue with school and slacked off deteriorating my fitness level. Two years ago I decided to change that and began, with no experience or proper coaching, lifting weights and running again with a couple friends at home. This continued for a year and got to the point where I was spending two to two and a half hours at the gym using machines some free weights and running on a treadmill. During the summer of 2012 I noticed the replays of the CrossFit games on ESPN and after watching a couple events and seeing the intensity level of it I knew that I had to give it a try.

In October 2012 I found CFJ and haven’t turned back, after a week I was hooked. I discovered early that I could get better results in a much shorter amount of time with CrossFit. Since starting CrossFit I have learned to improve my nutritional intake and earned my L1 certificate in August 2013. CrossFit has also transferred over to my life outside of the box helping me improve my study habits earning straight A’s for the past two semesters. Before finding CFJ I felt like I had a big gap in my life and was becoming tired of Union and bored with Jackson ready to leave ASAP, but since I’ve joined CFJ and our family here has quickly become my favorite thing about Jackson. I know that CrossFit may not be for everyone but I believe that everyone should try it and see yourself begin to do things that you may have thought you never would. I look forward to helping people improve to the best of my abilities.

“You are Limitless”

Brett bio pic

  1. Kent says:

    Congratulations, Brett! Come join us 5:00 am’ers and have fun with the Zombie Crew!

    • Tracie T says:

      Congratulations BRETT! Both you, CFJ & the athletes are blessed. I read this and just smiled, I knew deep down you had this inside you. There is a part of me that is bummed that I am not there anymore, what an awesome family CFJ was to me:) I so wish I had the opportunity to train with you! But, we did canoe together………………………baby;)

  2. Brett Christensen says:

    Haha thanks ya’ll. Kent maybe one of these mornings but I really like my afternoon classes. Hats off to all of the early morning crews. I remember coming to a few of those classes when I first started and just getting up to do it is one thing and actually doing it is another. It Definitely takes some dedication.

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