Kim Cunningham

CrossFit L1 3/2012
CrossFit Kids 10/2012
CrossFit Mobility 4/2012
Carl Paoli Freestyle Workshop 1/2015
Handful of half marathons
Lots of 5k’s
2 Tough Mudders
NorthFace Endurance Challenge, Utah (half marathon)
BLS certified since 7/1996

I have always considered myself an active individual. I am 1 of 5 kids and my parents invested a lot time in keeping us busy.
I played 3 sports in high school and was then fortunate to play 2 years of collegiate softball as a pitcher before starting Radiology school. I got a job at the local YMCA to have access to a gym. I did the typical gym routine in addition to running. After graduating Radiology, then Nuclear Medicine school, where I received a Bachelor of Science in Healthcare, I married my husband Fred and we began going to the gym together. After being married 5 years we started a family and I struggled to prioritize myself time to run. Always in working mom mode. After having my second child, I did manage to run more but still felt like I only had time to work and take care of my active kids. I then decided I needed to find my identity outside of being a wife and mom. I needed to decide on a lifestyle that included diet and exercise.

That is when I decided on my very first New Years resolution and on January 1, 2011, I began CrossFit. And WOW!

I love being surrounded by such an uplifting and awesome community. I have learned a lot about my abilities as an older “mature” athlete;) I have gained so much knowledge about food and I love to eat and try new foods.
I love being a part of the CrossFit Community, whether it is leading a CrossFit class or being an athlete in a class.




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