Megan Dennison

I discovered CrossFit in October of 2012 and have been hooked ever since!

I am married and work as a registered dental assistant for a pediatric dentist full time and am also a cheerleading coach for a local private high school. I have a total of 19 years of experience with competitive cheerleading. 11 of those years involve coaching athletes at all ages and levels of cheerleading and tumbling. I also have worked for a well know company traveling the U.S instructing and conducting cheerleading summer camps. As a CF-L1 trainer with a long and extensive background in the cheer & tumbling field, I hope to bring more knowledge and help with the gymnastics component of CrossFit to our box!

I want to help each person become a better more confident athlete and achieve their goals, whatever it is they strive to accomplish! There’s nothing more rewarding as a coach than seeing someone achieve something they have been working hard for. I absolutely love the CrossFit community and want to work hard to become a better athlete, coach and role model. The only thing I regret about CrossFit is that I didn’t discovered it a lot sooner!



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