Shea Cooper

Shea is a Level 1 CrossFit and CrossFit Kids Trainer.  She graduated from UTK with a degree in Exercise Science in 1997.  After graduating, she did exercise testing & prescription and taught a variety of exercise classes at fitness clubs in Knoxville & Memphis.  She then went to UT Memphis and earned a degree in physical therapy in 1999.  She is currently working as a physical therapist at West Tennessee Bone & Joint.  She works with orthopedic patients of all ages.

Activity is a HUGE part of my life.  I have a varied background in sports, fitness, running, and multi-sport events.  I grew up playing school sports and began running in college.  Since college, I have done many 5k races, several half-marathons and triathlons (sprint & Olympic distance), 3 adventure races and a marathon.  I have been doing CrossFit since 2008.  I got bored while I was training for my marathon, and I kept hearing Jennie Keel talk about this crazy, hard, awesome new brand of fitness called CrossFit.  I started going to the gym with Jennie and participating in CrossFit park workouts with the Keels.  Every workout pushed me to my limit & yet I found it in myself to keep going.  I was hooked!  CrossFit continues to constantly challenge me & it gives me the confidence & mental focus I need for work & family life.  I finally became a trainer in March & I recently completed the 2012 CrossFit Games Open.

I’m married and I have three awesome, active children.  I enjoy spending time with my family, running & riding my mountain bike.  I’ve coached kid’s soccer, basketball & softball.  I love leading CrossFit group classes and also doing individualized personal training.   I truly believe that every person is capable of making lifestyle changes and becoming more fit, no matter what their current level of fitness may be.  It is my goal to spread my love for fitness, health & wellness to as many people as I can reach.

Team Cooper

  1. scotttabor says:

    Hi Shea,
    This is Cheryl Tabor, Scott’s wife, I am interested in
    Setting up a fundamentals class with you.
    Thank you ,

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