Fundamentals Class

Email us at if you are interested in joining us for our next fundamentals class! We look forward to having you join us so that we can help you take your health and fitness to the next level. Our next fundamentals class is scheduled for Saturday, November 17th, 1:30-5:00. If you would like to reserve a spot in our next class, shoot us an email!

If you’ve been thinking about trying CrossFit or waiting until the perfect opportunity, now’s the time! Don’t wait! You’ll be with other brand new crossfitters and great coaches who will build you up and get you ready to join our regular classes.

Over a few hours you will learn several of the fundamental movements needed to safely and effectively perform CrossFit workouts. Our Fundamentals class is designed to go over each movement in a slower and more detail oriented pace than a normal CrossFit class allowing for more instructional time and personal attention by coaches.

It is our experience that new entrants into the CrossFit program- regardless of fitness level, require a great deal of attention and coaching to become comfortable with the CrossFit movements & philosophies. Coming into one of our regular CrossFit classes unprepared could be a recipe for injury, frustration, misunderstood concepts or a combination of all, therefore we require this fundamentals class for all new members.

You can think of Fundamentals as almost a “boot camp” for CrossFit. This is a requirement for all inexperienced CrossFitters – regardless of fitness level or athletic background. Think of CrossFit like any other sport. You wouldn’t expect to attend a black belt jiu-jitsu class with no prior training in that sport would you? Just the same, if you can’t deadlift safely, squat safely and with efficacy, don’t know the difference between a shoulder press and a push press or don’t have a good understanding of gymnastic basics, you are not ready to jump into a regular CrossFit session.

By no means is our Fundamentals course a watered down version of CrossFit. This course is designed to provide you in-depth instruction on the foundational CrossFit movements including proper technique and CrossFit philosophies. You will experience a brief lecture, skill practice and a workout.

A little worried about your fitness level? Don’t be. One of the beautiful things about CrossFit is its infinite scalability. You will be taught in the fundamentals class how to properly scale our workouts to fit within your personal level. If scaling is not an issue for you, then you will be challenged with these workouts as they are prescribed with the fittest of athletes in mind.

You’ve already taken some time to read what we are about. Our program can produce remarkable results and is scalable to suit all fitness levels. Maybe you’re just not sure you believe it, or not sure you will “fit in” once you get to the facility. That’s perfectly understandable and you are not the only one who has felt that way. It’s really easy to get started. No matter your fitness level or background, all that is absolutely necessary to start training is an open mind and a commitment to the program.

If you are not sure about CrossFit and want to see what it is all about first – feel free to come in and try one of our Saturday classes. This is free and there is no pressure to do anything beyond that. We do ask that you sign up via email or phone call prior to attending.

Upon completion of the Fundamentals course, you have unlimited access to our full class schedule for one week completely FREE. This gives you the opportunity to experience our style of CrossFit, meet our coaches and interact in our community. Nothing we say will make much sense until you do it. However, if you don’t try it, you could be missing something that could be life-changing!

If after the fundamentals course and free week you decide you want to become a member and join the regular classes you can check out the fees and class times we have available. If you decided after the course that it’s not for you, you’re not commited and are only out $50. I can only imagine you’ll be hooked after day 1!

We have athletes, grandparents, students, military, doctors, short people, tall people, tiny people, overweight people. You will be welcomed at CrossFit Jackson by everyone; it’s a community where you will fit in if you’re pursuing fitness. Don’t wait.

If you have any questions about this course or coming in for your free introductory workout to try it out, shoot us an email at


In order to start taking group classes you need to learn the fundamentals of CrossFit. The way to do this is through our CrossFit Fundamentals class. CrossFit Fundamentals is comprised of 3-4 hours of information, skill development and training. CrossFit Fundamentals is taught in a group setting that is fun and effective. CrossFit Fundamentals is a one time fee of $50. In order to participate in daily classes you must have either completed our CrossFit Fundamentals, be CrossFit Level 1 certified or have completed a similar course at another CrossFit affiliate. While this may seem a little overboard to some, this ensures that everyone starts with a similar base of knowledge. After completing our CrossFit Fundamentals class you will be able to perform the workouts confidently, safely and effectively. This will allow you to focus on your performance during daily workouts instead of wondering how to perform a correct air squat or how to setup your rower.

Regardless of your current fitness ability and understanding, expect to learn. Expect to have a tough, but short work out that might give you a little reality check on your fitness level. Expect to see a lot of smiling faces who will likely approach you and ask your name. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and athletic shoes. It is recommended that you bring something to take a few notes on.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at Like us on facebook for additional information, pictures, etc. We look forward to doing 2018 with you!


If you’re interested in joining our next group for the Fundamentals course, email or call us! Our next fundamentals class is scheduled for Saturday, November 17th, 1:30-5:00.

If the scheduled course(s) don’t fit your schedule, we do offer a very limited number of private fundamentals courses as well for $35/hour. Call or email for details.

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  2. Nate says:

    220m run

    3 Rounds (15-12-9)
    Ring Rows
    Push Ups

    220m run


    • Nate says:

      Two weeks later…same WOD…5:11!!!

      A 2 minute improvement in 11 days.

      Thanks, Fundamentals trainers! I look forward to WODing with yall in the future.

  3. Jamaireus says:

    1st WOD
    220m run

    3 Rounds (15-12-9)
    Ring Rows
    Push Ups

    220m run


  4. Earl L. says:

    I will be there Jan. 9th. I might not be able to keep up with the rest of everyone else but from what I have seen about crossfit, there’s lots of motivation. I will continue to do the exercise that i’m already doing to help prepare me. I weighed 363 lbs. just 7 months ago. But due to hard work, exercise, and eating better. I am down to 280 lbs. I really hope that I will be accepted. I really need all of your help. The desire is there and you have permission to kick my but.

    • Jennie says:

      Congrats on the improvements you’ve made to so far! I look forward to working with you in January! You’ll be excepted just fine in CrossFit if you come in willing to learn and work hard…you’ll find trainers and new friends that will build you up daily. It’s a great place!

  5. Lassie Keel Kiser says:

    Earl: let me assure u! You will enjoy this! Everyone is so encouraging and motivated, u just cannot help but get that way. I am slower and less able to do many of the WODs to RX’d but I do what I can, with as much determination as I have. U will soon find out that everyone is pushing themselves to a limit, everyone groans, sweats and has pain regardless of their age, status or size. Everyone works at their own pace, endurance and strength levels. I am in my second month and have met and made some great people! Just getting to see them, encourages me to keep trying and coming back. I have lost some weight. My endurance is getting stronger and am feeling healthier. I still have along way to go! But Crossfit is a way of life! It is not trendy! Looking forward to meeting and working out with you! Lassie Keel Kiser

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  8. Christy Butcher says:

    Would love to try Cross Fit. When will next fundamentals class be starting?

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  12. Amanda says:

    Hey guys, the email link in the first paragraph is missing the t from crossfit – just thought y’all might want to fix that since the link won’t work if folks click on that one 🙂

  13. Danielle Lampley says:

    4 rounds and 1 run

  14. Aunt Lassie says:

    Fundamentals Class Sunday, Sept 9th, refresher course for me.Can tell I laid out 3 months! I don’t advise laying out ever!
    220m x 3,
    2 rds completed 7-7-7
    modified ring rows
    12 mins.

  15. Al says:

    Appreciating the dedication you put into your site and in depth information you present.

    It’s awesome to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same out of
    date rehashed information. Great read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m adding your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  16. Stacey Fain says:

    My daughter and I are interested in the fundamental class you have coming up on feb 8 please let me know if you have any openings.
    Thank you Stacey Fain

  17. Stacey Fain says:

    When will your next class be for fundementals after this Saturday?

    • Jennie says:

      Hi Stacey, I emailed you directly after your previous post. Our fundamentals class is tomorrow, Sunday, February 8th. We typically do one every 4-6 weeks so our next one is not scheduled yet. We like to see how each class goes, how our athletes progress and make sure the timing is right before adding more. You can email me at and I can let you know when the next class is scheduled.

  18. eva garcia says:

    I will be in town Saturday July 18th and would love to workout

  19. Josh hobson says:

    Class sign up for Saturday. Thanks!

  20. Donna S Walters says:

    When is the next fundamentals class?

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  23. Twania Walker says:

    Are Saturdays the only day you offer fundamentals

    • Jennie says:

      We offer group fundamentals once per month on either Saturday or Sunday. We swap back and forth.

      We do offer one one one fundamentals classes for $35/hour during the week or at times that may be better for your schedule.

      You can email us at if you are interested in signing up or if you have any questions.

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